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In this affiliates section, you will find a variety of affiliate marketing programs.  Whether you are looking to use these resources in your business or promote them, here you will find different options to choose from. From writing to course creation, to how to be successful with affiliates, and everything in between, there are different options to strike your fancy.

You may be the type of person who doesn’t like affiliates. You may be the one who does not care. Still, you may be part of another group that knows very little about it, except for the word that usually follows: marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

I’m a big believer that high-quality affiliate marketing programs can help you grow your business, as they surely have helped mine.

That also made way for a new thought…

Why not make it easy for people to access the same powerful tools which made (and still make) a difference in my business?

I only endorse and promote products that I believe. And above anything, I believe in honesty. That is the reason I have also listed all my affiliate marketing programs for beginners and writers on that page.

If you are a new author looking for a guided path on how to publish and market your books on Amazon, you will find that on the Marketing Book Publishing Program.

Another great option if you are an author looking for tools to market your books is the free Amazon Ads course by Kindlepreneur is a valuable resource you should have under your wings.

What about scrivener? If you want a roadmap on how to use it, we got you covered. This one and other exciting writing affiliates can be found on The Best in Affiliate Marketing for Beginners and Writers page.

Are you looking to create online courses and make a living out of your creations? Then creating online courses with Teachable may be your gem.