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Why Do We Need Book Reviews? 

Have you ever thought that there is a psychology behind book reviews?

Whether you realize it or not, you likely use reviews in your day-to-day life. Book reviews are no different. Book reviews are a necessity for every author looking for an unbiased opinion on their book baby. Book reviews boost the credibility of your book. Not to mention that reviews are a great way to bring in new readers through word of mouth.


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If you are looking for ways to boost your book marketing strategies? This guide sheds light on the psychology behind book reviews:

  • The real reason readers leave reviews;
  • How book reviews impact your sales;
  • Tips on outreaching book reviewers successfully.

In addition, it comes with a bonus material of 200+ places to find book reviews.



Understanding the Psychology Behind Book Reviews Bonus Material

Websites to Get Book Reviews

Bonus material  200+ Websites to Get Book Reviews


This list will benefit your book marketing strategies by equipping you to:

  • Identify readers who are passionate about your book’s genre and open to sharing their opinion.
  • Widen your fan base by reaching more readers and building relationships.