How to Create Powerful Videos for Your Children's Books with Vidnami

How to Create Powerful Videos for Your Children’s Books In Seven Easy Steps – Vidnami Tutorial

Create videos for your children's books with Vidnami

Are you a children’s author who uses book trailers for your promotional efforts? Perhaps, you are in search of the easiest and fastest way to create videos for your children’s books, right?

If you are like me—not a videographer—but still want to take advantage of simple technology tools to elevate your children’s book marketing strategies while also optimizing your time, you are in for an exciting ride.

As I mentioned in my previous posts and conversations, I’m always experimenting with different tools for my writing business to see which ones work and which ones are not worth spending my time on. From there, I stick with the ones that fit my lifestyle and goals better.

Video creation tools are perfect examples of those technologies, and for me, they became a necessity. That is the reason I’m going to walk you through how to create simple yet powerful videos for your children’s books in seven easy steps using Vidnami.



Using Vidnami to Create Videos for Your Children's Books - KIDPRESSROOM

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What is Vidnami?

Vidnami ( former Content Samurai) is a web software for video creation, part of the Nobel Samurai’s line of products (if you don’t know yet, Nobel Samurai is a software for Google Search Keyword). The simplicity of the tool allows users to create videos in the blink of an eye.

Whether it is for creating videos for your YouTube channel, Snapchat, Facebook Live, Instagram, your own website, or children’s promotional materials, Vidnami allows the production of high-quality videos in a short period of time.

The entire process of creation is seamless, and the software guides you through the steps.

Why use Vidnami for your children’s videos?

When I was in graduate school, I had to prepare an assignment for the class “Integrating Technology into Early Childhood Curriculum” that involved video creation.

At the time of the assignment, most of the available options were paid or not as intuitive as the products we have nowadays. I ended up using Movie Maker, a free video editor by Microsoft. While the video-creation experience was fun, there was a learning curve for the tool, and editing was painful. If you are not a video editor, you know well what I’m talking about.

So, years later, after careful research, I  learned about Vidnami as a subscriber of Nobel Samurai and loved everything about it. As a side note, if I had known about Vidnami at the time of my assignment, I would have saved SO much time and avoided frustration.

When I was starting, I wanted to create simple education-related content for my YouTube channel. But coincidentally, at that time, I was also releasing my third children’s title Giggly Bear’s Fun Trip in the Yellow Bus, which was in need of a book trailer.

I didn’t want to miss that opportunity. My mind was already settled on the importance of book trailers and how they could be extremely effective as an author’s marketing strategy. Not only that, but it became obvious that videos were valuable tools for ranking on search engines, and therefore, Vidnami’s videos could work as an invaluable SEO machine for me. In the end, this was a no-brainer.

That is when I jumped into action. Once I learned how to create powerful videos for my children’s books with Vidnami, I never looked back.

I’m sure if you are an author who has a YouTube channel, or you are a video enthusiast, Vidnami might become your next favorite tool. And this is what I’m going to show you next in this step-by-step tutorial.

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Vidnami Step-by-step Tutorial

Step 1:  Choose a Template

When you sign in to your  Vidnami account, on the top right-hand corner, you will find a “Create a new video” button.  This will be your first stop.

Under “Templates,” you will choose from multiple types and a plethora of styles of customization. There you can find more than 50 beautiful templates or create your own. The templates are distributed between two formats—landscape (16:9), which is the most commonly used, or square, which you can use in several social media channels, except YouTube.

Vidnami choose template to create videos for your children's books - KIDPRESSROOM

Whether you want to create video ads for your children’s books, videos for your social media, or videos for your children’s author platform, you are sure to find a template that fits your needs. From there, you can customize your videos the way you want.

Vidnami is always updating and adding new features to the dashboard, and a neat addition to its database is the “Influencer Video.”

The “Influencer Video” template allows you to add a video within the video. For example, if you have a short clip of yourself talking on your smartphone camera and you want to add it to a video you are creating on Vidanimi, now you can do so.

Step 2:  Add a Script

This is where you start with your script. Here you can write, or copy and paste the text for the video.

Once you have your text in the script area, Vidnami reads your scripts and breaks it into sentences or paragraphs (your choice) to create slides or “scenes.”

Vidnami add script to create videos for your children's books - KIDPRESSROOM

Step 3: Create Scenes

In this section is where you customize your scenes. When you add your script (which you did previously), Vidnami artificial intelligence matches your content with thousands of images or clips it has in its database–Vidnami offers a plethora of free Creative Commons images to use.

This is where you go hands-on customization and check every scene to see if it is to your liking.

You can always use the search box on the left-hand corner to find images based on keywords relevant to your script. I love this feature; It makes the process of searching for images painless.

From there, you can use the Creative Commons images or clips from its database or upload your own.

Create videos for your children's books with Vidnami create scene- KIDPRESSROOM


On your slides, you are able to choose the layout—such as images on the right side, left side, or on the entire slide—font style, and motion from the tab on top. Likewise, you can also choose how to position the text.

Vidnami create Scene layout - KIDPRESSROOM


Step 4: Apply Voice Track

Once you are happy with your images and text on the slides, you move over to “voice” options.

This is a pretty neat feature because you have four options to choose from: you can select “music only,”  use “Auto-voice,”  “record your own voice track,” or you can “upload a voice track.”

The “music only” option is self-explanatory. By default, if you don’t select one option, your video will be automatically set to this preference.

Vidnami voice track music only - KIDPRESSROOM


The “Auto-voice” is one of the features that I particularly love. That is because, from there, you can pick from a variety of voices in English (American, British, and Australian). Those voices read and auto-detect your script. So, if you don’t want to include your own voice for some reason, this is your best bet.

Vidnami voice track auto voice - KIDPRESSROOM


The “record your own voice track” is another neat option. If you decide to record your own voice, the process is straightforward. You just press the green Record button, and when you are done, you preview it. If you don’t like what you get, you can override and record it again. Easy-peasy!

Vidnami record your voice track - KIDPRESSROOM


The last one, “upload your voice track”, is for you if you have previously recorded your audio somewhere else or count on the help of a voice-over artist. You can choose from several audio formats (mp3, aac, m4a, wav, aiff) to upload.

Vidnami upload your voice track- KIDPRESSROOM


Once you pick your “voice” style, you can preview your video.

Step 5: Preview your Video

When you hit “preview,”  this is where you can select your music, upload, and adjust the timing for each slide.

Create videos for your children's books Vidnami video preview - KIDPRESSROOM


Step  6: Generate your Video

Once the video is to your liking, you click “generate video.” This process can take from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on your video size, internet connection, or computer speed. But at this point, you can sit back and relax. The video will be ready in no time.

Vidnami generate video for your children's books - KIDPRESSROOM


Step 7: Download your Video

After your video is generated, it is ready to download.

Vidnami download your video for your children's books - KIDPRESSROOM


If at the end of your creation, you realize you need to make adjustments, edit a slide, or include any information you previously missed, you can always go back and edit.

Your video is saved on your Vidnami database, so making changes is easy as pie. Once you’re happy with what you accomplished, you upload your video anywhere you want. You can find mine on my YouTube channel.

As a final note, sometimes, you will receive a message that the images or clips you used in the video need to be given an attribute. The sweet part about Vidnami is that, at the end, you will find attributions to all the images you used. If you need to give credit to any, you will see a message like the example below and the link to all images that need credit.

“This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions.”

You just copy this message, paste anywhere you are sharing the video, and you are good to go.

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Final Considerations

Next time you are searching for an effortless, no-thrills tool to create your videos, give Vidnami a try. The worst that can happen is you spend 15–20 minutes of your time to create a beautiful video to share with family and friends.

And who knows? You might get excited and realize that video creation is your thing.

If you want to test it out for free and see it for yourself, here is a 14-day free trial just for you. Let me know how it goes…

What are your favorite tools for video creation? Have you tried Vidnami to create videos for your children’s books? Share your thoughts and comments below. And if you have used Vidnami, I would love to see it in a tag on Instagram.

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