After working with different illustrators, collaborating with several talented artists in one of our programs, and receiving several messages of other illustrators offering their services, I immediately thought that I had to do something. My first instinct was to create a directory.

At that point, I was already running a book reviews directory on this website (which went with the name of Reviews by The Banks). But with the rebranding of the site, it wouldn’t make sense to keep up with it, especially because we didn’t receive as much demand as first anticipated.

So why not help fellow creatives, who have a lot of talent to offer, and make their work visible to the masses?

This is when the illustrators and books designer directory came to fruition.

What Is This Directory For?

This place is for you children’s book illustrator, artist, or book designer who wants to list your services. As Kidpressroom evolves, we leave the door open for other opportunities. But as of now, if you are a freelancer, business owner, or creative wanting to get your services in front of more people, then this directory may be what you are looking for.

If you are a book illustrator, an artist, or a book designer, go ahead and share your services with our visitors and more. It doesn’t cost you anything!