5 Amazing Ways to Get Kids Interested in Writing (+ Fun Writing Prompts)

5 Amazing Ways to Get Kids Interested in Writing (Plus Fun Writing Prompts)

By Joely Feder

It can be hard to get kids excited about writing. Oftentimes, writing becomes a task that kids don’t want to do. That is because it can be difficult to express themselves through writing. Without mentioning that other activities, such as school writing assignments, may get in the way of keeping kids creative and motivated to write. 

How To Get Kids Interested in Writing?

So, how to get kids interested in writing? There are in fact many ways that you can help! Here are five of them: 

Encourage Storytelling in All Forms

The best way to get kids into writing is to encourage storytelling in all forms. This means reading books and stories or even finding a balance between watching television and movies to foster their creative process.

As Harvard Business Publishing states, storytelling “forges connections among people, and between people and ideas.” 

Connections between people are extremely important, as they are the basis for the relationships we have in life. This connection between people and ideas helps children take in stories in many forms. 

Taking in stories will teach your child the value of storytelling itself. Once this is realized, the power that writing holds will be, too. 

Play Word Games

Another way you can get your child interested in writing is by playing word games with them. 

Games encourage spelling and are great practice for creating words out of a set of letters. In addition, word games help with memory, both short and long term, along with helping with literacy. Word games also motivate your child to be competitive, which strengthens reading and writing skills, and contribute to positive academic outcomes

Try out Mad Libs. These games are lots of fun. They will also help your child distinguish between adjectives, verbs, nouns, adverbs, and more! 

Scrabble is another good game to play with your child. Scrabble provides excellent practice for spelling and also for making words out of a set of letters or adding on letters to existing words.

Games like those will get your child more interested in writing because they will get the juices flowing in terms of words themselves. They will also help your child with memory. 


Create a Designated Writing Space

Creating a designated writing space, like a desk, is another great tool to encourage your child to write. 

A set writing place, like a table or desk, will create a boundary between the chosen space and other spaces, telling your child that this is where they write (or study), and other spaces are for other things. 

This writing space should be without distractions. A place without distractions will work best to get your child interested in writing, as having this space will send the message that this is where your child will do work, opposed to anything else. 

Write What They Say

Does your child have issues with the physical act of writing? Write what they say and let them dictate the story. 

The value of writing doesn’t just come from the physical act of doing it. Being creative is also a valuable asset in writing. So, don’t let the physical act of writing get in the way of your child having something to say. Get kids to express themselves, perhaps, through journal writing, or other options.

Sit down with them and ask them what they want to say. Write out what they say and go over it together. This will show them the power that writing (coming up with words, at least) has! 

Writing Prompts

Now, when your child does want to write but doesn’t know what to write about, writing prompts are an excellent tool to get the creative juices flowing

The holidays may serve as excellent writing inspiration for kids. Many people like scary stories, so spooky writing prompts are quite fun. Additionally, the seasons or nature may also be good writing motivators. 

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Fun Writing Prompts for Kids

So, for when you just want your child to be excited about writing, here are five fun writing prompts for kids. 

1. Writing Prompts for Kids Who Like Spooky Stories

You’re walking through the woods late at night and suddenly hear a twig snap. You’re too scared to look behind you so you start to run. What happens next?

2. Writing Prompts for Kids Who Like Adventure

You’re at the circus with your family. A man comes out with a lion ready to tame it. Suddenly the lion goes wild and runs into the audience. What do you and your family do?


3. Writing Prompts for Kids Who Like Food

You and your mother are having a picnic at a park. She opens up the basket she was carrying and pulls out your favorite dish. What is it? Why is it your favorite?

4. Writing Prompts for the Daydreamer Kid

You’re lying on the grass looking at the clouds when suddenly you see them morphing into different shapes. A storyline develops. What’s happening up there in the clouds? Who and what do you see?

5. Writing Prompts for Kids Who Like Shopping

You’re at a boring store with your family. You can’t find anything at all that you’re interested in until you stumble upon the candle section. You find the most magnificent candle. What is it called? What does it smell like? Why do you love it so much?

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Final Thoughts on Getting Kids Interested in Writing

There are some great ways to get your child interested in writing. You can encourage storytelling, play word games, create a designated writing space, and write what they want to say when needed. 

Sometimes the task of writing seems too daunting, and other times it just isn’t interesting enough to catch a child’s attention. But, hopefully, those fun ideas we discussed and the bonus writing prompts will inspire your kids to get into writing!

What do you think? Do you have any special techniques to get kids interested in writing? We would love to know! Share your thoughts in the comments below.