How to Get Reviews for Your Books with Litpick Student Book Reviews

How to Get Reviews for Your Books with LitPick Student Book Reviews (Part II of two-part post)

By Paula-Yuan Gregory

Here we are, back again to speak about the benefits of LitPick. Last time, in  Part I of the Litpick Student Book Reviews, we discussed primarily the benefits of LitPick for students, educators, and parents.  This time, let’s talk a bit about the benefits it has for my fellow writers. We all know getting reviews can be like pulling teeth. This website, however, makes getting reviews for your books much more hassle-free, reliable, and beneficial to both you as a writer and those who are writing your reviews! Let’s get started.

About Reviews…

Reviews are important. This is a point that has been brought up time and time again. The reason? Because they are REALLY important!! It is credible reviews that get your name out there and make your book seen by the public. Often times, reviews directly correlate to the success or failure of your book.

Summary of LitPick basics

As I  mentioned last time in Part I, LitPick is a student-run review service. They review paper copies of books, or they can choose to review e-books for free. After reviewing, they get to keep the books at no additional cost. These reviews are then sent to the LitPick underwriters, to be proofed and edited, and then submitted to be published after the edits are confirmed. Anyone with a LitPick account can participate in reviewing, as long as they are students. And anyone can read the reviews written, if they have access to the internet.

Why is this important to you?

Often times, writers will pay services to review a single manuscript of theirs. The review process is lengthy and the prices are high. Because of this, turn around isn’t great and it could keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for answers. Lastly, the people reviewing your work are paid to review it. Take it for what it is, but sometimes, that may not be the best way to get book reviews. This is because the people may not actually be interested in what you are writing, they are just completing another review because it is their job.

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How is LitPick different?

LitPick is different because the people reviewing your books are students, who elect to do so. These students are not getting paid to read your books. So when you look at what they say, you can guarantee that they wrote it with true feeling and thought.

Another reason LitPick is different is because the students that review your books are within the age range of your expected audience. This means, you will not have a 30-year-old man reviewing a book about teen-drama in middle school. Only middle-schoolers will be reading your book.

This is the extra edge that LitPick provides and no other reviewing service offers: a guarantee that the audience you wrote the book for will be reviewing it personally. That way, the review can be as honest as possible and you will know whether or not your intended audience enjoys your writing.

How to get reviews for your books

Have I sold you yet? I guess the last piece of information that you are wondering about would be costs.

LitPick offers different tiered prices and packages, with a quick turnaround. The Deluxe Review Package is $150 for two guaranteed reviews from Top Reviewers. Each additional review you request is only $45. And you are guaranteed these reviews within 2-3 weeks of submission. The basic package can be upgraded with additional perks, that the pricier packages include automatically.

Here’s the link to LitPick Review packages, for your use.


As a Global Studies graduate, I have only recently discovered this site, but since then, I can’t get it out of my head. Every once in a while I will go on if I am looking for books to recommend to people or read to the kids I babysit for. I know I can always trust the reviews because they are honest and raw.

So, will your book be the next one I see up there? I hope so!

Happy Writing!