How to Form Good Study Habits and Be a Successful Student

How to Be a Successful Student: Forming Good Study Habits

Successful students create healthy study habits

Guest Post by Bhawani Singh

If you want to be a successful student, your studying process should be effective. To be an effective student, you need to study smarter rather than harder. This is true as you go to the university where studying for an hour or two a day won’t get you through the course, let alone passing with satisfactory grades.

There are some students who can breeze through their coursework, but that doesn’t work for the vast majority of students. However, most students can be successful in their studies by developing and improving their study habits.

In this article, we will discuss six study habits used by highly successful students. Let’s get started.

1. Stop cramming all of your studying into one session.

If you’re someone who stays up late at night studying and falling asleep, then stop it. It’s time for a change.

A successful student usually divides all of their studying sessions into shorter periods of time. They never cram all of their studying sessions into one or two sessions. So, if you want to get the most from studying, have shorter but regular study periods, and most importantly, try to be more consistent in your studies.

2. Plan your study sessions.

You can’t have an effective studying session if you can’t schedule a specific time to study. Create a weekly routine for when you will study, and stick with it.

Successful students are successful because they adhere to a fixed study schedule, unlike other students who study whimsically and sporadically. It is also essential that you stick to your study schedule even if you’re done with your studies. At those times, review your courses if you are not planning for some serious studying. It’s a good habit to develop that will help you succeed in all your educational endeavors in the future.

3. Have a specific goal for every study session.

You probably know how necessary it is to have a goal no matter what you do. Studying is no exception. It is ineffective to study without a particular goal in mind. It is imperative that you know exactly what to accomplish during every study session.

A successful student has a study session that’s aligned with their academic goal. For instance, if you’re studying for your upcoming Spanish test, set a goal of memorizing at least 30 new vocabulary words.


4. Never procrastinate on your study sessions.

One of the common issues faced by students during study sessions is procrastination. It can put you off track with your current study sessions and create a lack of interest in the subject because you’re thinking there are some other things you need to get done.

Successful students hardly procrastinate when studying. If you have the habit of procrastinating during your study session, stop it. If you don’t, it will make your studying much less effective and derail you from your study goals. Furthermore, procrastination is a major reason for rushing or cramming and causes mistakes.

5. Begin with difficult subjects first.

Difficult subjects and assignments require plenty of mental energy and effort. So, start your study sessions with the hard subjects first. Once you’re done with the most difficult subjects or assignments, you’ll find it much easier to go through the rest of your coursework and complete it. Beginning your study sessions with the most difficult subjects will also enhance the effectiveness of your study sessions.

6. Keep distractions to a minimum while you’re studying.

We all get distracted by something now and then. It may be your TV, your computer, incoming calls or text messages, or even your family. If you’re distracted when studying, it is highly likely that you’ll lose focus and your thought process will get muddled. Both of these lead to ineffective studying.

Before you start your study session, find a place in your home or library where you won’t get disturbed or distracted. Meanwhile, there are exceptions—some students can actually study better if there is a little background noise around them.


And last but not least, being a successful student all depends on the strategy and execution. Any plan is bound to fail if it is not aligned with a predetermined goal and well-planned execution. Being successful in your studies is no exception. If you develop the habits showcased above and follow them, you’ll notice a major improvement in your academic endeavors leading you to be a successful student.


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