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6 Ways to Land Your Dream College Internship

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Guest Post by Prince Kapoor

You feel the world running past you. You feel that change is the only constant but you can’t seem to accept or fathom it. It all feels like a rat race that you have to win. That’s what college can be like if you don’t know what to do.

Most of the times, college is going to be the best years of your life. However, it can be a struggle to ask for help and easy to feel lost, especially when it comes to those end-term internships that have been a dream since your first year.

So, here’s a little help. These are simple steps to guide you in getting your dream college internship offer:

1. Be proactive

Internships are where the first mover’s advantage counts. The trick is to make applications and choose your desired companies before most of the people in your class start to. This not only gives the company an idea about how serious you are for the internship but also allows you to prepare more for any future exams or interviews.

Moreover, it becomes a fish market once everyone starts applying and running around. So, you need to take action!

2. Prepare a sharp resume

A resume is your golden ticket to your dream college internship. This is another place where you can stand out. Make sure you go for a simple yet elegant layout (no copy and pasting, please!), use a professional email address, and proofread to ensure an error-free document.

Highlight your positives and achievements without being overly confident. Create a resume that stands out and has something unique to offer employers.

3. Know the company

Research plays a massive role in your interview. Being thorough with the company you are applying to—learning about the position you’re seeking, job requirements, and potential work seniors—is vital to portray the right attitude and skillset in your resume or interview.

Say, if you are applying for a job that requires you to know Excel, then mention the award you won in an Advance MS Excel competition in your resume. On the other hand, mentioning the same award for an art internship would be ineffective.


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4. Be prepared

Going into an interview with no preparation or prior knowledge is a fool’s job. According to EBI, “An average job opening attracts 250 resumes.”

You need to be confident about everything you listed on your resume, revise your knowledge about the respective company and your job role, and brush up on your subjects. Most importantly, dress professionally or at least business casual, depending on where you are seeking an internship.

The company shortlisted you for an interview after being impressed with your skills or school performance. Now, they want to see who you are as a person and if you can be an asset to their organization. Try your best to show them that you can perform well.

Also, follow three rules: talk softly, don’t rush, and be calm.

5. Clear up those social media accounts

Major companies these days are always thorough with their evaluation. The best way for them to know a prospective intern is via their social media profile. Make sure you declutter your social media accounts, remove anything unprofessional or dubious, and keep it elegant.

Might as well share a few interesting blog posts, news articles, or subject-related articles to grab the recruiter’s attention and show interest.

6. Follow up

This is where most people get lost. Applying for a college internship, going for the interview, and waiting for an offer letter is not the end of it. The organization probably interviews a handful of people every day, so it is vital for you to portray your responsible character and deep interest in the position.

Feel free to drop a thank you email after the interview and send a couple of inquiry emails over a period of time if the results are not out and the job post is still vacant. But do not go overboard. Stick to professional and short emails and be patient.

Final Considerations

Effort and hard work can go a long way when it comes down to internships. Be smart and confident about your choices and follow these easy steps to turn your dreams into reality.


What were your experiences applying or interviewing for a college internship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger at ViralChilly. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide.