How to Market your Children’s Books using Tailwind

How to Market Your Children’s Books Using Tailwind

This post was originally published on December 13, 2020, and it has been updated for accuracy. It also contains affiliate links, meaning that I will receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to click through and make a purchase. I was also compensated to create this post, though I’ve been using Tailwind for several years and all opinions are my own and based on personal experiences.

How to Market Your Children’s Books Using Tailwind?

One of the biggest struggles authors of all genres experience, when they are starting out in their self-publishing journey, is knowing how to market their books. 

In the children’s book industry, this seems to be even more challenging (I know, I hear you). But what if there was a tool that could help you with your children’s book marketing plan? Well, what if I told you that you can market your children’s books using Tailwind?

Then you ask, What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a creation, scheduling, and analytics tool for Pinterest and Instagram. In other words, if you want to drive (free) traffic to your website, like me, or increase your social media following and engagement, you are in very good hands with Tailwind.

Before I go deep into the features themselves and how you can market your children’s books using Tailwind, I want to distinguish between the two subscriptions: Tailwind for Pinterest and Tailwind for Instagram.

Those two services include different features. If you have never used Tailwind, you will find that they fulfill different purposes, at least that is what I have experienced.

For the sake of clarity and return-on-investment, I will focus on Tailwind for Pinterest.  This is where I work most of my children’s book marketing plan and where I get more tangible results. However, I’ll also have a special treat regarding Tailwind for Instagram for you later.

Market your Children's books with Tailwind for Pinterest

Introduction to Tailwind  

Let me start by saying that Pinterest marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. I know, we writers—in this case, children’s authors—love our craft. We could spend the whole day dreaming about and plotting our characters. But I also understand that even the most acclaimed children’s authors work on their children’s book marketing plan.

They may count on the help of a publicist, but no matter what they do—what are those giveaways, book signings, ARC about?—they do market their children’s books. That said, it will be no different with you. I wished there was a formula to sell children’s books with the blink of an eye or by waving a magic wand. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Many of you don’t want to deal with book marketing and promotions. I used to cringe about that, too. But now that I have learned ways that I can naturally share my children’s book without looking promotional or spamming, I set my peace and enjoy the ride. And this is where Tailwind for Pinterest can be a game changer.

Ways to Market Your Children's Books Using Tailwind - KIDPRESSROOM


Why Tailwind for Pinterest?

I have said this before in a previous article about using Pinterest to boost your children’s book marketing strategies, and will repeat as many times as necessary: Pinterest is an SEO machine.

What I mean by that is, like Google, Pinterest is a search engine, but with the difference that Pinterest is a visual platform. Pinterest is perfect for creators and artists like you. To go even further, Pinterest not only brings you visual inspiration, but it also drives solid traffic to your website.

I can attest to this claim, since Pinterest was my main source of organic traffic back more than four years ago when I first started. Nowadays, Pinterest is still the number one social media platform contributing traffic to my website, despite Google’s overtaking of this role for overall organic traffic. And guess what? Tailwind played a big role in this happening.

Thanks to Tailwind for Pinterest, I keep harvesting the seeds of the efforts put in earlier on in my journey. Through the years of using Tailwind for Pinterest, I’ve been taking advantage of all the features this tool has to offer. 

Considering the constant changes in Google’s algorithm, social media organic traffic (including Pinterest), and the rebranding of my website in May, Tailwind made a huge difference in my marketing efforts. Within, six months, I grew 107 followers and increased pins and repins by 89% and 92% respectively.

December 2020:

Profile engagement using Tailwind for Pinterest

May 2021:

Profile engagement using Tailwind for Pinterest

I’m not saying that you will achieve the same results, especially because this doesn’t happen overnight. But, it’s safe to say that Tailwind will translate into more eyes being put on your content.

What’s more?

Tailwind is an official Pinterest Partner. In other words, finding out the best time your audience engages with your content or which of your content is performing best becomes so much easier with Tailwind.

Now that I gave you my reasons for loving Tailwind, let’s dive into Tailwind specific deeds, starting with smart scheduling.


Tailwind’s artificial intelligence algorithm examines your pins and when your audience engages with them, and figures out the best time to schedule posting several pins at once. 

With SmartSchedule, basically what you need to do is upload or pick from the Pinterest board, and schedule postings to boards of your choice during optimal times. You can set your schedule and forget it while Tailwind takes care of the hard work for you.

SmartSchedule for Tailwind for Pinterest - KIDPRESSROOM

You can build on that, like I do, and boost your distributions by using two undeniable PowerUps: Tailwind Communities and SmartLoop. You can use the Tailwind SmartSchedule and have access to five Tailwind Communities (more about this in a second) by joining Tailwind Free Forever Plan.

Tailwind Communities

Tailwind Communities allow you to collaborate with like-minded pinners, or Community Members, and share each other’s content in a safe and engaging environment.

You can join Communities in multiple topics, including writing, book marketing, social media communities, etc., or create one of your own. I have participated in two highly engaging writing communities where I share a lot of my children’s book content and distribute articles related to writing, education, and parenting/kids.

Tailwind Communities insights- KIDPRESSROOM

Tailwind Communities come in all four plans (Free, Pro, Max, and Unlimited), varying from $0-$39.99 per month. That gives you access to anywhere from 5 Communities and 30 pin submissions to unlimited Communities and monthly pin submissions.      

Before you tell me that you don’t know how to create pins, I got you covered. Tailwind also offers a feature where you can create beautiful graphics easily and with no stress: Tailwind Create

What is Tailwind Create?

Tailwind Create is a tool or a feature from the Tailwind app that allows you to create high-level designed pins or graphics for your social media channels in a very quick and efficient way. Not only that, but those graphics are optimized for all platforms.

When Tailwind Create first came out, it was meant to create simple, optimized pins for Pinterest. With time, the tool evolved, and now it allows for the creation of graphics for Facebook and Instagram as well.

With Tailwind Create, you can upload your image and use a plethora of templates to personalize your pin design. No need for a designer. It couldn’t get better than that! Now, it is even hard for us to come up with an excuse for not knowing how to create pins.


So, assuming that you already have your Pinterest Business account and that your boards are all set up and in full swing, you can create your pins directly on Tailwind using Tailwind Create and schedule your post right there. Or if you are going to create a pin of your own (or have someone else create it for you), you can add your posts to Pinterest and distribute using Tailwind. Easy, right?

The exciting part about it is that you can experiment with Tailwind Create no matter what plan you choose. The Free Forever plan comes with 20-post creation. If you go to the Pro plan, you can create 200 posts across all platforms, and the Advanced and Max plans offer unlimited post creation.

But do you want to know another plus of using Tailwind Create?

According to a Tailwind study on typical results involving Tailwind Create and all pins saved on Pinterest, members who used Tailwind Create received “47% more saves with tailwind Create Pins than any other type of pin” in the study cohort. In addition, “members average 1.8 minutes per Tailwind Create design compared to 15 minutes for other drag-and-drop editors.”

So, what does it mean for you as a children’s author?


Children’s book marketing plan using Tailwind – Practical Application

Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned children’s author, you can market your children’s books using Tailwind for Pinterest effortlessly.

The strategy is as simple as pie: you write your blog posts and articles as you normally do and include one or a couple of Pinterest optimized images to share. That is all. The same logic applies to pins for your children’s books.

As a matter of fact, here are three examples of effective ideas I’ve been implementing and you can easily do on your side:

Option 1. Create a blog post about your children’s book  

Write a post about the main theme of your book and how this can help or solve your reader’s problem. For instance, in one of my posts, I share tips for parents and educators on how to keep kids safe while riding the school bus. So for people who are looking for resources about safety for children that can be a useful source. Then, I pinned it to Pinterest.

Riding the School bus Tailwind sample

Option 2. Write an educational post (closely related to your book theme) mentioning the book  

This is another chance to craft an educational post, provide value to your audience, and still mention or link to your book.

For example, in one of my posts, I discuss ideas on fun STEAM projects that kids 2-10 can do at home. Still, that post offered me a context to link to another children’s book seamlessly, making my post even richer.  Like the previous example, I added that particular post pin to Pinterest.

Option 3. Create a Pinterest optimized image about the book, including your main message, and upload it

By simply creating a Pinterest optimized image—an image that follows Pinterest dimensions, has rich description, title, and tag—and uploading it to Pinterest, you have an easy, yet effective solution to your dilemma. Plus, this is also a big time saver.

Sample Pinterest pin on Tailwind



Before I wrap up, here is another cherry on top. As I mentioned previously, traffic and social media growth don’t need to be restricted to Pinterest. And Tailwind understands that. That is why they also offer a subscription to grow your social media presence or up your game on Instagram. If that’s your desire, Tailwind for Instagram may be your next treasure.

As if that’s not enough, Instagram expert Rebekah Radice provides a clear roadmap on how you can create a powerful Instagram strategy in this free must-watch masterclass. That really helped me to improve my Instagram brand message and focus on what matters. So, if you seriously want to build a presence on Instagram or grow your following, I strongly recommend you watch it.

Market Your Children's Books with Tailwind with Instagram

So, no matter if you need help with your Pinterest or Instagram, Tailwind is the tool to use. And if you are ready to market your children’s books using Tailwind, you can start free today.


So, what are you waiting for? We would love to hear your thoughts about the tool. How are you using Tailwind to rock your children’s book marketing plan? Let us know in the comments below.