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What is New?

Children & Teens Book Publishing Press

Kelly has participated in a couple of online educational sessions recently.

As part of the Pathful Connect (former Nepris) Live Virtual Industry Chats initiative, professionals from different industries can share their expertise with students in various grade levels to foster their learning.

These sessions give the youth the ability to learn about that particular area, what happens behind the scenes, ask questions regarding that subject, and with that, expand their horizons.

Publisher Role in Creating a Book

For children, readers, and educators interested in knowing what goes behind creating a book, this session is for you. Kelly had a great time sharing her personal experiences as an indie author and publisher in the process of publishing/self-publishing children’s books.

Reading Interests

For teen writers wanting to learn about the publishing industry and its projections, Kelly discusses the publishing industry for teens, how to get your work out there as a young writer, and how to go about ideas for publication.

Children’s Book Readings Press

Check out the reading of Giggly Bear’s Fun Trip in The Yellow Bus by author Mindy Leigh, from Two Girls and a Reading Corner.


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Guest Posts and Contributing Writing Press

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