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Go behind the scenes and discover how some of your favorite books are illustrated. The Illustrator Corner (TIC) takes a look at book publication from a different perspective. See the words come to life through the images that leap off the pages, with every turn.

Writing a children’s book is one thing, but illustrating one is what truly brings the words to life. The Illustrator Corner wants you to involve you with the process and help you learn what it’s really all about.

If you’d like to learn the creative processes that illustrators go through to make both theirs and the author’s visions a reality, check out our new series:

TIC with Malinda Raines

TIC with Donna Berger

TIC with Barbara DiLorenzo

TIC with Fuuji Takashi

TIC with Jeff Whitcher (What If Balloons)

TIC with Richard Barker

TIC with Jasmine Mercer ( Tree Frog Illustration) 

TIC with Kiki Klimt

TIC with Mary Beth Benton

TIC with Monica Rondino (The Art of Puro)


Read further for details if you are an illustrator and would like to take part.

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Want to be featured in The Illustrator Corner? (Update: This program is no longer running)


Are you an illustrator of children and middle-grade books? Do you have a passion for illustration and take great pride in helping authors bring their characters to life? Are you a cartoonist or a caricaturist who has a strong message to share or hopes to help aspiring illustrators achieve their dreams?

If you replied “yes” to any of those questions, then we want to feature you. Reach out to our Program Coordinator, Sam Miller, sam [at] kidpressroom [dot] com to learn more how we can collaborate.