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Ever wonder what other authors, bloggers, and writing entrepreneurs are up to? I know I do, constantly! If you’re looking for advice, new sources, or even that extra “something” to inspire the creativity inside you, this is what  You Gotta Love This Writing is all about.


The series is here for you as a source of support in all of your writing endeavors. The aim of the series is to compile plentiful and invaluable author’s resources into one treasure box so that the hunting is done for you. Then, all you have left is to experiment and expand your writing business.


You Gotta Love This Writing Series”>You Gotta Love This Writing (YGLTW) page - Reviews by The Banks


Learn from the best! Create more and use these inspirational, tried-and-true tips and tricks from other fellow writers, like yourself.


Check it out. Who knows what you’ll discover? The opportunities are boundless.


YGLTW with Ann Kroeker

YGLTW with Debbie Ohi ( Inkygirl)

YGLTW with Javacia Harris Bowser

YGLTW with Roz Morris (Nail Your Novel)

YGLTW with Rae Elliot ( Barely Hare Books)

YGLTW with Gabriela Pereira (DIY MFA)

YGLTW with Anne R. Allen

YGLTW with Shayla Raquel

YGLTW with Janice Hardy (Fiction University)

YGLTW with Lauren Carter

YGLTW with Ricardo Fayet (Reedsy)

YGLTW with Jennifer Brown Banks (Pen & Prosper)

YGLTW with Elizabeth Spann Craig

YGLTW with Andi Cumbo-Floyd

YGLTW with Joan Dempsey


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