Educational Resources For Parents & Students - Reviews by The Banks

As part of my mission as an educator, when I first started this community, I wanted to provide a place where parents, teachers, and students could get easy access to resources that would help with their own goals or the educational goals of their pupils and children. After a lot of thought, I realized that it would be easier to split the resources and dedicate this section to that objective. Feel free to bookmark, since this list will expand and I will update this area often.


Youth Mentoring Program


Writing & Editorial Youth Mentoring Programaimed at young adults in different areas of study, aged 18-25, who want to get their feet wet in writing and editorial work.




Fastweb – a comprehensive scholarship database that also offers financial aid, student planning, career advice, and educators’ resources.


ScholarshipOwl – a scholarship database service where applicants are matched with numerous scholarships through a single application. – another thorough scholarship database where one can search for all types of scholarships. Places a strong focus on college scholarships and financial aid.


Course Hero – a platform that allows students to find (and exchange) educational resources on specific courses/subjects while getting access to tutors and supplemental materials.


Early Childhood, Family, and Teaching


PBS Kids – focus is on parenting resources, programs, and activities for children.


Sprout – offers shows, programs, and activities for young children 2–6 years old.


Common Sense Media – non-profit organization that reviews and rates overall media (movies, TV shows, apps, games) to aid families, educators, and policymakers in their decisions.


The Dove Foundation – non-profit organization that advocates for families while providing movie reviews based on Judeo-Christian values.


Plugged In – follows a biblical approach to provide reviews, articles, and discussion on the world of entertainment and pop culture.


Parent Previews – parents are the focus of this site, which aims at providing reviews and articles on movies (G, PG, PG-13) and other media that best fit their values.


Kids in Mind – a comprehensive review of movies to guide parents and caretakers in finding appropriate content for their children.


Reach Out and Read – a program implemented by medical professionals aimed at building early reading skills and literacy in children. The program runs in approximately 5,000 sites in all U.S. states.


Science Buddies – a non-profit organization that provides valuable science resources and project ideas geared toward K-12 students.


Foreign Language


Coming soon