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The Illustrator Corner with Fuuji Takashi

In this month’s The Illustrator Corner (TIC), we are excited to feature self-taught artist Fuuji Takashi! 

Fuuji has been illustrating for the past eight years and loves working with people of all cultures and backgrounds.

You can learn more about Fuuji Takashi or her works, on her Instagram @fuujitakashi


Illustrator Fuuji Takashi image - KIDPRESSROOMFuuji finds her inspiration from old Disney movies and Ghibli movies. Still, she says her real inspiration comes from her attitude towards life. 

“On a deeper level,” says Fuuji, “I think my inspiration to draw is mainly attributed to how grateful I am with the life that I’m living – to be able to just do what I love and get paid for it. I think it’s a privilege that not a lot of people have, and this inspires me to continually pursue the purpose God has given me in terms of my artistry, which I think is to create, improve, share and most of all, bring a smile to the faces of young readers.”


According to Fuuji, illustrating isn’t always easy, but it is rewarding. 

“The most rewarding (and also slightly emotional) moment in this job is when I get to finish a project” Fuuti says. “I love all the books I worked on (and a lot of times I become friends with the authors I work with), so sometimes when the end is near, it’s kinda hard to let go.”

She continues: “But then a lot of clients then send me copies of the books and even pictures of children reading the books, and then it all becomes worth it. It’s the tangible version of all the work we did and I find it very fulfilling flipping through the pages and remembering what I had to do to get those pages done. It always puts a smile on my face.”

The Illustrator Corner with Fuuji Takashi – Step-by-step

Here is Fuuji’s process of illustration in her own words (Thanks for this overview, Fuuji!)

Step 1: I always start with a rough concept. 

Illustrator Fuuji Takashi rough concept - KIDPRESSROOM

Step 2: Once the concept is approved, I send in the sketch.

Illustrator Fuuji Takashi sketch - KIDPRESSROOM

Step 3: After the sketch is finalized and approved, I move on to applying basic/flat colours. Usually my flat colours are a little darker for me to have some room to decide during rendering which parts I should highlight and which I should place in shadows. Sometimes, a client asks me to send in the flat colours first for them to approve but usually, they just let me do the entire colours before submission.

Step 4: I then proceed to rendering, which is the fun part! This is a painstakingly long process at times but also the reason why I enjoy it. For this particular piece, I already envisioned the main character to be the center of focus so I know if I’m going to highlight anything, it will be her.

Step 5: Here is the finished piece. This book is called Little Lady Rose by Tamar Grigsby. Illustrations by Fuuji Takashi. 

Illustrator Fuuji Takashi final illustration- KIDPRESSROOM





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