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5 Genius Ways to Prevent Bullying in Schools

Guest Post by Amalia Liberman

Today many students do not like going to school, and the main cause is bullying. This problem is growing high, so it is important to prevent bullying. In this article we have jotted down ways in which parents and schools can help prevent it, making the student’s future better.

There is a fine line of difference between bullying and teasing. Teasing your classmates can be fun but it can later lead to bullying. Bullying is the stage where things can turn to sheer ugliness for the one bullied, affecting their physical and mental health. It can actually destroy them from within and make them harm themselves. Hence, it’s important to prevent bullying.

One out of every five students in school faces harsh bullying and is afraid to talk about it with anyone. But if the school authorities, parents, and adults fall short of preventing bullying behaviour, then the suicides, abuse and harassment statistics in schools will keep on rising.

How to Prevent Bullying in Schools

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Here are some ways that bullying can be prevented in schools:

1. Instill bullying repercussions

Many schools do condemn the bullying culture. But in order to prevent bullying, they do not instill the fear of the repercussions of bullying among students.

Schools should be concerned against bullying and should arrange programmes for the students, where they can comprehend the illness of bullying, why students should not practice it, and what repercussions they will have to face if they attempt anything like that.

If schools strictly conduct bullying awareness programmes among students from the very beginning of their school lives, then it can very much prevent bullying before it even starts.

2. Presence of a counselor

When students are bullied, it starts damaging their mental peace and so they avoid talking to anyone about it.

To prevent this dilemma, there should be a counselor at all schools in whom the students can trust. An understanding and trustworthy counselor becomes a friend to all the students. So when the students feel the need to talk about anything, they can look to him or her.

Schools are the baby’s first memory book, so they don’t deserve to have such experiences that will make them hate it.


3. Inspiring self-confidence and bravery

As the stats of bullying cases are high, it is true that students still face bullying in schools today. So if schools cannot trace the bullies, they can empower the bullied!

Self-defense programmes and motivational speeches can be conducted by the school authorities. In this, students can become self-confident and counter their bullying problems. Not just the bullied but the witnesses can also become courageous enough to take a stand for their bullied friends.

4. Support from the home front

Parents should definitely be aware of what is going on in their child’s life. They can smartly track whether their child is a victim of bullying at school because bullying comes with many side effects. Even a small incident of bullying can leave a deep impression in the child’s mind resulting in a decrease of their activity and class performance, and an increase in depression, agitation, and apathy towards going to school and much more.

Parents can easily know something is off about their child from these signs. Once they feel something wrong in their child’s behaviour they should talk to them with all the love. With that comfort level, children will gradually share the ill happenings with them in school. Of course, as parents, they should report to the school authorities about bullying to make sure of their child’s well-being.


5. Parent’s support

Out of many ways to prevent bullying this is a variable one. That’s because in the case of bullying, many families question the self-confidence and bravery of their own children and fail to understand their mental damage. That is ridiculous.

Being a parent, they should be there for their children, otherwise it can completely shatter the child’s mental peace. Be their support system and along with teaching them how to be brave, make them feel that you are there for them. This is important because if children don’t feel a sense of trust in their parents, then they will become completely helpless.

According to statistics schools that follow methods to prevent bullying face 25% of less bullying cases. About 41% of students who report bullying stated the fear of bullying happening to them again. Thus it is important for parents and school authorities to help them in getting away from this fear.

What are some other ways to prevent bullying in schools that have been working for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Amalia Liberman is a wife and a mother of two as well as a novelist and writer. The author has been featured in Women’s Health magazine and also written different articles in lifestyle magazines. Her passions lead her to search out knowledge with all her searching and she doesn’t mind sharing her findings.