Why Rebranding Reviews by The Banks to KidPressRoom

Why Rebranding Reviews by The Banks to Kidpressroom

Rebrand or not rebrand? Here is the million-dollar question.

Like many of you who have gone through the same dilemma, I put a lot of thought into this decision. Afterward, I knew that rebranding Reviews by The Banks wouldn’t mean just a logo change or a redesign of the website, but that I would have to revisit my overall mission and values instead.     

Why rebranding?

That was my main reason for taking this leap of faith.

If you are part of this community or have followed me for a while, you already know my story. You know how I started in the writing industry. You learned how I started publishing children’s books. You became aware of how this website came about. 

For those who don’t know me, or have a vague idea of what this website was (or at least what I thought it was about), you probably remember that the prior name Reviews by The Banks used to give a lot of people the impression that this was a review place. Perhaps, a book review blog?


No, it was not. And I’m taking this opportunity to set the record straight. This was never a book review website and was not intended to be a so-called “review site” either.

If I ever gave you this impression, my apologies!

The Reasons for Rebranding Reviews by The Banks to Kidpressroom - KIDPRESSROOM

Reviews by The Banks came out as a labor of love. It was born out of a good place in my heart, as a way to support fellow writers. This would allow me to cheer creatives while learning about the writing business and put my craft out in the world along the way.

I, myself, was not even sure what exact path I was taking in terms of the website (I knew I wanted to be a writer and live off of my craft like many of you). Perhaps, my background in education, teaching, and child development—areas to which I always had a special connection—would make it easier for me to start. 

At that point, without much clarity, I wanted to take advantage of my experiences and holistic educational philosophy to write reviews based on books while primarily focusing on the areas of business and education.

But like everything else, the business evolved. My goals changed. And so did the values that I’d always aligned perfectly with the direction this community was heading, even without my noticing it.

So, I realized that rebranding Reviews by The Banks now would go hand-in-hand with the mission of what I always wanted to accomplish.


And what is the mission?

I want to help aspiring children, teens, and young adults in their writing and publishing journey—as well as writers and creators of the youth—while providing the latest information and resources to them.

Not only that, but as an educator, providing educational materials for the youth to guide them in their academic journey is another part of this big, always evolving, puzzle.

By building a community, I hope that we can work together in several programs and you can get where you want to be.

As an indie author, I know how important that is.

It may feel lonely sometimes, but know that you are not alone. Getting things done when we are part of a team or a community is much easier.

And if you are curious to know what is new with the rebranding of Reviews by The Banks ( now KIDPRESSROOM) website, and to learn more about our programs and this space, which I cherish so dearly, stop by our “About Kidpressroom”. There you will find out how our values and mission play out.

For now, I hope you make Kidpressroom your next home.


Have you ever rebranded your website? How was it? For those who are already part of this community, what do you think of the new changes? Let me know in the comments below.