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Write for Us


Kidpressroom ( former Reviews by The Banks) is a community of like-minded people like you.

People who commit to making the world a better place through research, education, and sharing of ideas in the areas of child development, education, literature, and publishing.

As the community expands, so does the need for fresh perspectives on children’s book publishing, character creation, and illustration.

Not only that, but we are also in tune with the latest in child development, teaching strategies, and youth education.

Guest Posting for KidPressRoom- KIDPRESSROOM

What We Are Looking for on Your Guest Post:

* Original (not published anywhere, including your own website), hearty, and insightful stories about children’s literature and education.

* Non-promotional, personal pieces that chronicle tales of children’s writing, character creation and development, along with possible inspirations for writing and/or illustration.

* Non-promotional, intimate pieces that offer accounts of youth education. Specifically, we would welcome posts about the following topics:

  • child advocacy
  • classroom management
  • curriculum application
  • instructional strategies
  • technology and media in the classroom
  • creativity and/or art-education
  • anything else that fits in this context.

* Examples of children’s themes we gladly welcome:

  • multiculturalism
  • diversity
  • bullying
  • children’s literacy
  • autism
  • dyslexia
  • women in literature
  • social justice
  • the young entrepreneur/scientist
  • anything related to the craft of writing for children, teens, and young adults.

* You can add one of your own (non-affiliate or sponsored) links in the body of the post and include links to any relevant research, as necessary. However, please reserve any promotional links for the bio.

* A short bio with links to your website, social media channels, and promotional material, including books, if you have written them. Please include a high-resolution picture of yourself.

* Ideally, articles should be around 1000-1200 words.

* Proofread pieces, free from spelling and grammar mistakes.


What Is in for You When You Write for Us:

Although there is no monetary compensation for guest posting, all pieces on Kidpressroom get massive distribution and exposure through the newsletter and social media channels. Plus, you will be able to add your links to the post as per the above specifications.


Publishing Conditions:

* You agree that we might edit the article for style.

* Posts must be ORIGINAL, not published anywhere before. All materials are checked for plagiarism.

* You agree not to repost the article anywhere within 60 days, including your own site. If you decide to republish after that period, you agree to do so by stating “This post was originally published on Kidpressroom” and linking back to the original article.

* Finally, we follow a content calendar. If your article is accepted, it will pass through revisions and might be queued for 2 months before it is published. Since we are a very small team and receive lots of submissions, please refrain from asking about the status of the article. We will be sure to let you know when the article goes live.


Ready to Contribute?

When you are ready to write for us, feel free to submit your pitches and ideas ( don’t forget to include your writing samples) to kelly [at] kidpressroom [dot] com. We can’t wait to hear from you!