You Gotta Love This Writing with Javacia Harris Bowser (See Jane Write)

You Gotta Love this Writing with Javacia Harris Bowser (See Jane Write)

Javacia Harris Bowser YGLTW

With fall in full swing (have you enjoyed your pumpkin spice latte yet?) and everyone settled into a routine, it’s time to spice up your everyday writing with Javacia Harris Bowser, our featured writer in this new round of  You Gotta Love This Writing (YGLTW)

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The founder of See Jane Write, an award-winning business with members across the country and around the world, Ms. Bowser has definitely made a name for herself in the writing world. See Jane Write is a website that creates a community for women writers and bloggers, where Ms. Bowser can combine both her love of writing with her love of teaching and encouraging through her website, where she offers courses, coaching, and community events for other authors. 

Formerly a newspaper journalist and an English teacher, Ms. Bowser now dedicates herself full-time to freelance writing and blogging, mostly through See Jane Write, which she started in 2011. 

With this much experience under her belt, we are very excited to warm-up our writing with Javacia Harris Bowser! Here are Javacia’s top resources, in her own words (Thanks, Javacia! ):


See Jane Write 

See Jane Write resource by Javacia Harris Bowser - KIDPRESSROOM

To be honest, I started See Jane Write for selfish reasons. I started it because I was lonely, because I wanted a group of women writers to commiserate with as I was striving to make a name for myself as a writer and blogger on my own after leaving my job as a newspaper reporter. 

But I’ve continued See Jane Write after all these years because I’ve seen how much it helps other women, too. We have a free Facebook group for networking and support and a membership program that offers even more education and empowerment through writing sessions, critique sessions, group coaching sessions, a comprehensive resource library, and a variety of workshops and events – both in-person and online. 

Many of the women of See Jane Write have told me this community has changed their lives!

The Write Life 

The Write Life resource on YGLTW - Reviews by The Banks

I’ve worn many hats in my writing life. Before becoming a journalist, I wrote short stories, poetry, and performed spoken word. So, I appreciate the wide range of information and inspiration offered by The Write Life website

Whether you’re a fiction writer looking for tips for writing your first young adult novel, a blogger looking to write posts people actually want to read, or a freelance writer looking for more publications to pitch, The Write Life has what you need. 


Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins resource on YGLTW - Reviews by The Banks


Jeff Goins was one of the first writers who helped me stop feeling guilty for having an entrepreneurial mindset. If you’re tired of the lame starving artist cliché and determined to be a well-fed writer, you need to follow his work. Jeff’s blog, books, podcast, and courses will not only help you improve your writing, but teach you how to use your writing to make an impact and an income.



CourseCraft resource on YGLTW- Reviews by The Banks

Creating online courses is a great way for writers to make more money with their skills. My platform of choice for building online courses is CourseCraft because it’s inexpensive, looks great, and is very easy to use. CourseCraft is also a female-owned business, which is important to me. 

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg resource on YGLTW - Reviews by The Banks


There are several books about writing that I’ve read through the years, but Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones is one I return to again and again. It’s like a book of devotions for writers. 

If I’m lacking ideas, inspiration, or both, reading just one short chapter from this book will get my muse moving. 


Day Designer 

Day Designer resource on YGLTW - Reviews by The Banks

For the past 10 years I was an English teacher at a very demanding school, and I spent most of that time juggling my teaching career with freelance writing and managing See Jane Write. So, people were always asking me how I did it all. 

My answer is simple: the Day Designer. Even now that I’m a full-time freelance writer, I continue to use this planner to not only write down all I need to do each day, but also to schedule when I will complete each task and to determine which tasks are top priority. Day Designer also includes worksheets to help with goal setting. 

Feel free to use my affiliate link here to check out the Day Designer. 


The Content Planner

The Content Planner resource on YGLTW - Reviews by The Banks


Another planner I can’t live without is The Content Planner by Kat Gaskin. I use this planner to plan my blog posts and social media content. Sure, I could do this in a spreadsheet, but that’s so boring! 

The Content Planner is gorgeous, which makes planning more fun, and it features lists of marketing dates, holidays, and monthly themes, which makes brainstorming content easier to do. Follow my affiliate link here to learn more about The Content Planner. 


For more writing and publishing resources, check out the YGLTY page

Happy Fall! See you next month! 





Javacia Harris Bower writes image on YGLTW - Reviews by The BanksJavacia Harris Bowser is a freelance writer and blogger who lives in Birmingham, Alabama. She’s also the founder of See Jane Write, an award-winning website and community for women who write and blog. A proud graduate of the journalism programs at the University of Alabama and the University of California at Berkeley, Bowser has written for a number of local and national media outlets, including USA Today, Good Grit magazine, and Birmingham’s NPR affiliate WBHM 90.3 FM. Read her blog at and follow her on Instagram @seejavaciawrite


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