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You Gotta Love This Writing with Ricardo Fayet (Reedsy)

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Other than the craft, what could be better to an author than to find the tools for writing and publishing your books all in one place? In this new edition of “You Gotta Love This Writing,” you are going to learn how.

Our special guest this time is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder to Reedsy, Ricardo Fayet, who handpicked some of his favorite resources to share with the community.

As part of the four-head of creatives who founded Reedsy, Ricardo leads the team on a massive platform that is pleasantly “disrupting” the way we produce books.

But Reedsy is not only lovely for that, but where the team put their heart. Besides the generous resources and tools it provides to authors and creatives, the network has a special way to give back. Just check out its #IWriteBecause campaign, and you’ll know why I get the goose bumps (the cause involved is dear to my heart).

It’s with ample enthusiasm that we receive Ricardo to share his insights with us, in his own words. . .


1. Kindlepreneur (by Dave Chesson)

KindlepreneurIf you’ve ever wondered about how Amazon’s algorithms work, how to be successful with Amazon advertising, or simply how to go about marketing your book on the world’s biggest e-retailer, then Dave Chesson’s Kindlepreneur is the perfect site for you. I’ve learned a solid amount of Amazon tips and tricks through Dave’s blog posts, not to mention used several of his nifty tools, like his Amazon rank-to-sales calculator.


2. Anne R Allen’s blog

Anne R. Allen's BlogAnne R Allen’s blog is one of the first blogs I discovered when I started learning about writing and publishing. She has fostered an incredible community on her blog just through posting excellent content, from practical writing tips to publishing advice and scam warnings. Plus, she and Ruth (co-blogger) are always active in the comments section and happy to give authors some more personal advice in there.


3. The Hot Sheet

The_Hot_SheetI’m not signed up to a lot of newsletters, but The Hot Sheet is definitely one I always look forward to. It’s the only recommendation in this list that isn’t free—you need to pay a small yearly subscription fee to receive it, but it’s well worth it. Put together on a biweekly basis by Porter Anderson and Jane Friedman, it offers the most comprehensive digest of publishing industry news you could wish for. It cuts through all the noise and just gives authors the bits of information they need to make smart choices in their writing career.


4. Written Word Media

WrittenWordMediaA lot of authors are familiar with Bookbub and with Bookbub’s excellent blog for authors and publishers. However, fewer are aware that Bookbub’s main competitor, Written Word Media (owners of Freebooksy and Bargainbooksy), also has a helpful blog full of marketing tips. If you’re looking to make the most out of your price promotions, or about ebook pricing in general, I recommend you follow them closely!


5. Reedsy Learning

Reedsy LearningReedsy Learning was born in October 2016, with a simple goal: provide a free but effective way for authors to learn about any topic (writing, publishing, book design, marketing, etc.) in just 5 minutes a day. Reedsy Learning now counts 41 free courses for authors and publishers, and over 45,000 students. Whether you’re looking to improve your dialogue writing or characterization, write a perfect query letter, learn how to format your book, or run Facebook ads or Amazon ads campaigns, there’s a free Reedsy Learning course waiting for you!





 Ricardo Fayet (Reedsy)



Ricardo Fayet is one of the founders of Reedsy, an online marketplace connecting authors with some of the world’s best editors, designers, marketers and website designers. A digital marketing enthusiast, he’s currently writing a book to help authors manage Facebook ads more efficiently. He’s also the author of several online courses on marketing as part of Reedsy Learning.”>This edition of "You Gotta Love This Writing" is hot as it can be. Ricardo Fayet from Reedsy is sharing priceless resources with you.