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You Gotta Love This Writing with Roz Morris (Nail Your Novel)

Roz Morris YGLTW

Let go of barbecues, cookouts, beaches. What about some…ghosts? Don’t worry, not the one you are thinking. I’m talking about ghostwriting. In this month’s YGLTW,  bestselling ghostwriter and author Roz Morris will tell you the way to go. She’s not your typical ghost-writer; but more like a friendly, “guiding spirit.” We are elated to have Roz in this month’s You Gotta Love This Writing with Roz Morris (Nail Your Novel), especially if you are thinking of, or working on, writing a novel.

Roz Morris is a successful published author of two novels and a well-known ghostwriter in the literary world. She has the ability to take people’s thoughts and convey them so eloquently onto paper. She can do this in many forms: beautiful prose, dialogue, and description.

Along with those talents, Roz also runs a successful blog, online course in ghost-writing, and a consultation service. These are great resources for those who are looking for a little extra help on their manuscripts. 

This coming from a pro herself. Roz has been so generous to share, in her own words, some of the ways she gets in the right mindset for writing.

And here is You Gotta Love This Writing with Roz Morris —Thanks, Roz!


1. Writer Unboxed

Writer Unboxed resource - Reviews by The Banks

These are daily advice and expert articles to keep you enthused and aiming high. It is some of the wisest, nuanced advice on the internet planet. Columnists include authors, tutors, and literary agents. My own go-tos are literary agent Donald Maass, author Kathryn Craft, and editor Jim Dempsey.


2. Writers Helping Writers

Writers Helping Writers resource - Reviews by The Banks

This is the other place where you’ll find the internet’s wisest writers, including James Scott Bell, Lisa Cron, Jami Gold, and September Fawkes. It’s the online home of Becca Puglisi and Angela Ackerman, who are also astonishingly wise because they created the Emotion Thesaurus series for writers. 


3. The Hot Sheet

The Hot Sheet resource - Reviews by The Banks

But wait! While you’re honing your craft, there’s news happening. Information and misinformation! How do you sort it out? Hie thee to The Hot Sheet, a fortnightly newsletter by longtime publishing commenters Jane Friedman and Porter Anderson. Jane and Porter understand the author’s world. They have an eagle eye for the necessary stories, they ask the tough questions, and let you know what you need to know.


4. The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn resource - Reviews by The BanksHow big should you think? Could your novel be a screenplay, an audiobook? Don’t make any decisions until you’ve tried The Creative Penn blog and podcast. Author and entrepreneur Joanna Penn interviews writers and entrepreneurs in the wider creative world. Her interviews have persuaded me to take many audacious steps in my writing and publishing life, such as publishing audiobooks. My first wobbling steps became good choices.


5. The Quivering Pen

From creative pens to “The Quivering Pen” – by books blogger and author David Abrams. Check out his long-running essay series, “My First Time,” where authors write about pivotal moments in their writing and publishing lives. Also, his “Sunday Sentence,” where he presents a beautiful line, unadorned and out of context, just because he can.


6. Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings resource by Roz Morris - Reviews by The Banks


While we’re looking to feed our souls, go to Brain Pickings – beautifully chosen writings and art to revive mind and muse. 


7. The Literary Hub

The Literary Hub: Reviews, round-ups, literary articles, and personal essays to blow away the cobwebs and knock your socks off.


8. Nail Your Novel

Nail Your Novel resource by Roz Morris - Reviews by The Banks

What do you do with all that inspiration and enthusiasm? Allow me to mention my own series for writers, “Nail Your Novel.” Use Book 1 for process (Why Writers Abandon Books & How You Can Draft, Fix & Finish With Confidence). Use Book 2 to write captivating characters. Use Book 3 to write plots with drama, depth and heart. Put all that together in Book 4  – a workbook, with detailed questions to take you from a glimmering idea to a glorious finish. (Or just use Book 4 by itself… it can stand on its own two feet.)




Author Roz Morris (Nail Your Novel) - Reviews by The Banks


Roz Morris is a bestselling ghostwriter turned contemporary novelist and author mentor. Her latest release is a workbook version of her successful writing manual, Nail Your Novel. She has two published novels (My Memories of a Future Life and Lifeform Three, which was longlisted for the World Fantasy Award), and a collection of travel diaries called Not Quite Lost: Travels Without A Sense of Direction. Tweet her as @Roz_Morris.





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